Mr. Dennis R Kellar MS , LPE-I

Little Rock, AR


Licensed Therapist in Little Rock, AR

If you or someone you love is suffering from depression, grief, or the devastation of divorce, our experienced Little Rock, AR, therapist may be able to provide the treatment you need to cope with emotional distress and begin the healing process. Our compassionate staff of New Life Counseling Services understands the difficulties of life’s challenges and provides a unique approach to you and your family’s care.

Our Philosophy of Care

We believe that a therapeutic relationship begins with trust and a strong commitment to protect your privacy. With a high attention to detail, Mr. Kellar provides a plan of treatment that focuses on your unique situation, personal goals, and your objectives for the future.

We’re Dedicated to Your Overall Health

Don’t struggle alone with emotional health issues; call our helpful staff of New Life Counseling Services today for a quick response from our Little Rock, AR, therapist. We're committed to providing the tools and skills you may need to live a better quality of life.