Mr. Dennis R Kellar MS , LPE-I

Little Rock, AR


Depression Therapists in Little Rock, AR

Everyone experiences unhappiness sometimes, but if you are living with a persistent sadness that is affecting your quality of your life, our compassionate Little Rock, AR, depression therapists want to provide the treatment that you can trust. At New Life Counseling Services, we offer the high attention to detail that you and your family deserve. We strive to provide you with the positive strategies and supportive feedback to improve your overall mental health and wellness.

Your Goals and Personal Needs

As experienced therapists, we provide a safe haven of trust that protects your privacy and helps to build a therapeutic relationship that fosters positive results. Our quick response to your needs is our number one priority, and we'll supply you with a plan of treatment that is designed for your unique circumstances and the goals you make.

Our highly trained Little Rock, AR, depression therapists are prepared to help you and your family through this difficult time with the respectful treatment you require to improve your mood. Call our experienced staff of New Life Counseling Services today and schedule an appointment during our convenient, flexible hours.