Mr. Dennis R Kellar MS , LPE-I

Little Rock, AR


Therapy in Little Rock, AR

Just as physical ailments require medical treatment, our experienced Little Rock, AR, therapy staff is dedicated to providing you or your loved one with the compassionate care required for better mental health. Our experienced therapists of New Life Counseling Services may be able to help you cope with the emotional turmoil of grief, anxiety, or other challenges that life often creates in our lives.

Individualized Therapy and Treatment

Through trust and a high attention to detail, our therapists provide a personalized plan of treatment that outlines your goals and expectations of therapy. We strive to provide a quick response to your needs and build a relationship of trust and safety. We're committed to your mental health with coping strategies that may help you manage the emotional pain of a loss of a loved one, depression symptoms, or anxiety.

You Deserve a High Quality of Life

Our staff of New Life Counseling Services provides the flexible hours that can help you get the treatment you need. We understand how mental distress can affect all areas of your life, including your family. Call our friendly staff and begin your healing with Little Rock, AR, therapy today.